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Stress – See the signs
Stress makes you feel like you’re under too much mental or emotional pressure. It affects us all, but
if you’re under stress for long periods, it can damage your mental health.
There are many causes, such as money and relationship problems, being unemployed, physical
illness or going through a big life event – such as moving to a new house.

Here are some of the common symptoms:
– Irritability
– Racing or obsessive thoughts
– Being forgetful, not concentrating
– Feeling overwhelmed
– Sweating and dizziness
– Headaches or muscle pain
– Bowel or bladder problems
– Dry mouth, shortness of breath
– Fast heartbeat

There are lots of ways to help yourself, including exercise, meditation or stress management
courses. Again, these help yourself ideas are good for you:
– Exercise or get outdoors, even if it’s just for a walk
– Take breathing exercises
– Learn ways to relax, such as meditation Yoga
– Eating healthy foods regularly
– Follow a daily routine to give your life more structure
– Get enough sleep
– Keep a mood diary to be more aware of your symptoms
– Do something creative like writing, art or music
– Meet people at your local club, group or society
– Volunteering
But if you still find it hard to cope, your GP can offer advice, along with access to talking therapy and
If you have any symptoms described above and they are causing you long-term
problems, it’s a good idea to talk to your GP.

Alcohol doesn’t reduce stress, it stimulates release of the stress hormone
cortisol, making it worse.

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